Are all these parts compatible?


Hey, I'm trying to make the cheapest and ideal PC for programming and emulation. I just wanted to know from the Micro Center community themselves if all the parts chosen are compatible.


  • Ian

    Greetings. What specific programs were you looking to run?

  • GuitarGUY22
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    Your parts choices are all compatible but Id tweak a few things. Id bump the board to the b450m pro 4 from asrock. It is one of the few boards with several fan headers in this case 5. 1CPU and 4 additional most others have 2. Also other than noise the noctua fan isnt vital to get the stock is honestly fine and the noctua fan comes with paste that for the most part outperforms IC diamond. You could scale back the PSU to a 500 watt but if you think a GPU might get added then the 650 is a safe choice.

  • magarity
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    Not clear on what kind of emulation you have in mind but things like VMware virtual PC/server and Android emulation eat up the RAM. 32 instead of 16 is worth considering and that MB you picked only appears to have 2 slots so getting the 2x8 means no adding more later.

    If you want the lowest cost possible, just use the stock cooler that comes with the CPU and use the money for memory or a better motherboard. That Noctua cooler is expensive and priced for a premium for people who absolutely require a low profile case, which you have not selected. I had one of those in a low profile case and it can just barely hold on to the temps from a 5600X and I just gave it away and got a larger case for better cooling. I really, really recommend you don't buy one for a regular size case like you have selected.

    Finally, the stock cooler has some thermal paste preapplied so there is no need to buy another tube of it.

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