Help me choose a mobo and memory for hard-working 5950x

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Hi everyone,

I have a specific use case and a budget and I need advice.

  • CPU "has to be" 5950x. I explain below why, but if you think I'm wrong in any of my arguments, I'd love to hear it. If not, please skip to the next bullet point. ;)
    • I need MOAR COREZ with more clock-speed. I'm doing numerical simulations, which involve forming millions of 100k x 100k sparse matrices and inverting them.
    • My work consists of 100%'ing all cores for 24 hours but one (for cooling purposes as well as leaving something for the computer to handle itself).
    • A few hours of rest is in order after 24h 100% work! (I need time to analyze the output.) So the work is not always on, but it's on for a long time.
    • The output of all of this work is a text file of ~50MB size per 24 hrs, so fast communication to storage (pcie 4.0) is not an issue.
    • Because of stability, overclocking is not an option.
    • I can't justify a threadripper, because I have access to an HPC grid of a university. This is for "small stuff" that doesn't merit an HPC.
    • While the instruction set of intel is superior, core count and clock speed of AMD beats it.
  • Connectivity: Nothing out of the ordinary.
  • I already have a 850W gold+ power supply and a decent case. I have a wifi card so the mobo doesn't need to have wifi. I "need" only one NVME slot and a few SATA slots.
  • Memory: I need minimum 32GB of memory (the more the merrier but budget considerations). I suspect memory speed is less important than memory size.
  • Budget: $750 for the CPU (thanks for the $50 off!), $300 for the mobo and $200 for memory? So $1200'ish? The less the better of course.
  • I have a no-name Radeon RX560 and I can't justify buying new stuff. Unfortunately I don't have the time for proper gaming.
  • Dual boot to Linux and Windows is a must. (Are there still mobos out there that have a problem with linux?)
  • Case size: ATX. Mobo must be able to fit my Noctua NH-D15. (Water cooling is out: I suspect I'd hit the thermal capacity of an AIO and I'm not willing to do custom watercooling.)
  • I need a stable mobo that can supply the necessary power to the CPU consistently. This is very important for a 24h 100% load CPU!

I'm not far from the Madison Heights, MI store.

So... which motherboard and which memory?

Thank you all for your time and suggestions. :)

Edit: I have a build below, but I have no idea if the motherboard has enough good VRMs for the use case I described. It's just under $1100+tax.


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