How is this for a new build?


Hi all,

I built a PC about 5-6 years ago. I haven't kept up much with the technology at all. I use my computer for Photoshop, video editing and rendering and web browsing with Chrome with over 100 tabs open at once. I know, close them when you are done. I don't.

The computer I have is one I built with i7-4770K, MSI LGA1150 Gaming 5 Motherboard with 16 GB of RAM, MSI GeForce 1060 Gaming X BV 6GB video card. I have no problems with the video and 2 large monitors. 1 HDMI, DVI. the 1 TB SSD, 3 GB RAIDed HD for storage. I am however, constantly pinning both the processor and the memory at 100% with a lot of disk activity, swapping?. I was trying to clean the board and broke the PCI slot for the Graphics card. I looked for a new board but they all seem to be in China and take at least a month to get here, used. So I decided to build another PC, reuse what I can, the case, graphics, drives but will be adding an NVMe drive.

I came up with this configuration. Any comments? My budget is around 1200 like I have it, but could go to 1500. I wanted to somewhat future proof as much as I can, that is why I went with AMD. I probably won't be using it for gaming, just photo and video editing, opening a million chrome tabs or cad programming. Any thoughts?

Here is the Microcenter link...

Thanks in advance for any advice, criticisms, additions, deletions, buy a chrome book instead. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks again,



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