Blue Screen help-- Desperate


Hey guys,

I get blue screens when my PC is in like a low power state specifically. If I’m gaming I’ve never gotten a blue screen. It is only when the PC is near idle like nothing is happening or I’m doing something simple like web browsing/listening to music or watching twitch streams.

I get various different kinds of blue screen messages but the most common one is “irql less than or equal”

I have tried to fix this so many times doing different things I now just bought new ram/ssd thinking that would solve the problem and it has not unfortunately.

I’m now starting to think it could be my PSU or motherboard? When I look at event viewer a lot of the error messages refer to windows losing power unexpectedly? But like I said it’s never when I’m gaming it only happens when I’m doing like low stress things.

The below link is the my previous post for more in depth information if you need it.

I’d appreciate any and all help. Thanks guys!


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