New G707 BSOD Memory Management and others



Bought a Powerspec G707 in July and have had a few BSOD pop up, pretty much had one within the first week of purchase. I ignored it at first as I was installing new software and drivers and updating and assumed it would fix with the updates.

The last one was today and the Stop was MEMORY MANAGEMENT and I have a few questions to pose below...

Ran through the built in diagnostics and got this in event viewer "The Windows Memory Diagnostic tested the computer's memory and detected hardware errors. To identify and repair these problems, contact the computer manufacturer"

Also ran MemTest86 for a few tests and I'll attach the screenshots and the report. Not sure if these read as RAM issues or a potential CPU problem. I didn't let the full test runout as I got shizz to do and that takes forever.

I'm assuming this is a RAM hardware issue and not software or driver related?

Wouldn't they run diagnostics after they build these? I sort of assume it would have shown up since I got errors pretty much right away after my setup at home.

Assuming it's a RAM issue...Are these crap RAM sticks? GoldKey Technology? I used to build my own computers about one every two/three years since mid 1990s but I just don't have the time anymore to sort through the tech so I opted to pick up a Powerspec this time around as it seemed like the right mix for my small business freelance design needs. Perhaps I've been lucky with all my build but I've never had a hardware failure before, at least not this soon after a build/startup.

If these are trash RAM sticks, in anyones experience is MicroCenter open to working on an upgrade to a better quality brand or will they only replace with same or whatever is available on shelf?

I'm outside my 15 day return window, (even though this was going on within that window) but I did purchase the extended warranty, so I'll have to drop in for service at the Columbus store. Anyone have experience with their turn arounds on something like this if it's just a RAM stick needing to be replaced? Having downtime for BS like this is tough on small business with needy clients so hoping for easy/quick diagnosis and fix with Micro team here in town.

Thanks ya'll


  • Ian

    Greetings, it does look like it would be a hardware issue, most likely with the RAM based on what you have posted. This is something we can take a look at in-store. Unfortunately our Community staff is not located at a store, any turnaround estimates would be quoted to you directly at your local store.  An appointment is not needed for service, there may be some available online at Otherwise please visit the store with the computer and charger/power cable for assistance, store hours are 10am until 9pm Mon-Sat, 11am-6pm Sun.

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