can not see bios on powerspec G434

James301 ✭✭
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edited April 2023 in General Discussion

I was having an issue with my display port not sending a signal to my monitor. In trouble shooting I removed the video card and rebooted. I then later found that I needed to run the self test on the monitor to fix the issue. Now my system will not 'hook' the video card until the windows lock screen. I can not see the pre boot or bios. I am sure it goes to the bios screen (because it acts like it dose), but the screen is dead. I am using the powerspec g434 with a Mini Display port to a dell monitor. The system has a 'k' in the CPU model number so there is no on board video only through the video card. I have tried to access the bios from windows via the control panel but get the same results.

Can someone help me out with this.



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