PowerSpec G510 PC not turning on!

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Hello community,

I recently bought a PowerSpec G510 computer from MicroCenter. After taking it home, unboxing everything, and plugging in all the necessary components, the computer wouldn’t turn on. The power switch was flipped on, but when I pressed the power button on the top of the PC, it would not turn on. No lights, no fans, nothing! I’ve tried multiple outlets and multiple power cords, but it made no difference. Any help would be appreciated before I have to bring it back to the store! 

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  • DaddyO

    Is there a power switch, usually a rocker switch, on the power supply? Usually there is one to simplify turning a system completely off. Toggle the rocker while you're looking at the keyboard, sometimes an LED will blink on.

    When the rocker switch is on there's enough power getting through to get signals from a USB connected keyboard or mouse to boot the system with a keystroke, mouse input or even remotely using a network signal.

  • Thank you both for the tips and assistance with answering my question. After consideration, I opted to return the PC for exchange; this seemed like the safer bet. New PC is all set up and works like a charm. I appreciate the quick responses and feedback! 
  • Ian

    Glad to hear the new PC is up and running. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  • JohnDaBeardWilliford

    PowerSpecs are great machines, but aren't bullet proof against issues (are any electronics?). I'm on my 5th one in 17 years. I love them. I had issues with both of my new G467 and service fixed them pretty quickly (one had a bad water pump and the other the MOBO went) it's pretty nice that they can just go back to BYO and grab the parts rather than wait for the OEM to ship the part.

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