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I got some help from someone with a custom build about 5 years ago. At the time, I didn't know what I wanted in a PC build, but bought parts that were recommended by someone. Now I want to upgrade my PC so it can support video and photo editing. I'm a bit overwhelmed at where to start with trying to upgrade parts. I'm confident with the execution of buying the parts and putting it together, it's more or less that I have far less confidence in what I'm purchasing and making sure it fits in my case (I have limited space because my desk also shares space with my work PC, see photo attached of here it lives on the desk). Or at least, that's why I wanted to stick with a PC vs a Mac, because I like the idea of upgrading parts.

My current build is attached, but I'm looking for advice on parts. My budget is truly flexible, and I'm looking to make sure it can support Adobe Creative Cloud products such as Premiere Pro. I made the mistake of getting a 512GB SSD hard drive, and that's been painful to live with as my C Drive. I tried working on a couple of projects in Premiere Pro last year and it was super painful during rendering because it was super slow.

If I need to completely reinvent the wheel and start over from scratch, I'm willing to do that. Main question: with current specs, would I need to get a new motherboard to support a new processor and essentially upgrade everything?. I threw away my Windows 10 installation drive (my bad, rookie mistake), so I'm also not sure if I can transfer windows if I needed to update this.

I have also placed comments and other thoughts in the document. I would love to get some opinions from people on this as I am relieved to know there is a forum to ask for thoughts (I just don't know where to start).


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