looking for a video card


what I have is a ROG Strix B550-f(Wi-Fi) mother board / Ryzen 7 5700G / 32mb of DDR4-3200 ram / 2 M.2 sticks of 1-Tb each / 3 SSD drives 1-Tb and 2 - 500 Gb / the board has a PCIE 4.0x 16 slot

what would be a good video card to use with this ?


  • GuitarGUY22
    GuitarGUY22 Store Associate
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    Really depends on what you are doing. Gaming will depend on intended resolution and games as well as frame rates. 3080/3090 for 1440+ at high frames 3070/3060ti for 1080p. 3060 if you play esports titles and want higher settings. Radeon is great but with the current pricing the 6600 xt is the only one that makes sense comparative to NVIDIA being between a 3060 anbd 3060 ti

    It all boils down to software you are using for video editing, games, etc. Anything else the integrated from the 5700g is fine

  • Ian

    Greetings. Did you have a budget in mind on what you were looking to spend on the video card?

  • fuzz1580

    thanks for the input

    i picked on up today not the one I wanted but close a MSI Geforce RTX 8GB GDDR6X

  • Ian

    Nice, hope you enjoy your card!

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