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I am a 71 and spend way too much time online!! But I find it really makes my life easier. And come to think of it, it has helped tremendously with my current health condition. I have just found the community and have been shopping for a new laptop to replace my 2015 iPad Air2. I just feel more comfortable with Windows, and the iPad is slowing considerably. I have been stalking the laptops online at MicroCenter and have seen several tempting purchases. What is holding me back is that I have a very responsive 2013 AMD desktop and would like to be able to compare a new laptop to my current desktop. I don't have a very demanding workload but I find I have no patience for a slow response from my iPad and I am usually looking for workarounds on the iPad for Windows functions. I have found a Ryzen3 - 8GB- 2.5 ghz -- 2in1 with WindowsS. While I know I can remove the "S" and replace with Home will it really be as good as starting with Home. And will the specs compete with my current desktop of 2013 AMD A10-5700 3.4 ghz. For some reason I thought an i5 or Ryzen5 might be a good place to start but the pricing has gone up recently. I am trying to budget around $500. If I need to go up in price, so be it. Is there some place I can get a comparison?


  • Ian

    Greetings. Really any new (non-refurbished) computer sold now will well outperform a processor/computer that is now considered a few generations old by motherboard/processor standards. You can be confident that a new AMD Ryzen processor or Intel processor, especially a Ryzen 5 or Intel i5 will greatly outperform than the A10-5700 processor in the desktop.

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