What is the device I need to solve this problem

edited December 2021 in General Discussion

I received this message from a friend, who has asked me to buy the necessary hardware, if it is available at Micro Center:

"I’ve been searching and goggling how to play old VCR machines on analog with existing LG TV that’s on HD/4K.

My wife wants to watch old VCR tapes, movies and personal recordings, on LG TV or Sony HD 1K."

"I bought converters (2 different models & make) that connects RCA cables to HDMI but I only get the audio but not the video on both 4K & 1K TVs."

"The other option is to buy a VCR-DVD combo machine with HDMI outlet. But they’re quite pricey, from $1,000 to $600, more than the price of the TV I have.

Asking for your help."  


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