Building a 3D Workstation

I'm a media arts and animation grad and I'm building a workstation for intensive 3D tasks. I perform many tasks including high poly modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering out animation sequences and I need some advice on my first build.


  • Ian

    Greetings. What are some of the programs you'd be using and your intended overall budget?

  • SWolnik
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    I am looking at the general configuration of the build and the general idea of hardware is right on track, however there are improvements to be made.

    Ryzen does prefer faster RAM as 3600 at CL16 would be a better selection to maximize performance of the CPU along with upgrading the cooler to an NHD15 or a 240mm AIO.

    If sticking with AMD I would suggest going with an X570 MSI motherboard as the RAM compatibility will be better along with the larger feature set of X570 of B550 allowing multiple PCIe 4.0 devices that can also assist with rendering and modeling due to the time to read and write.

    Upgrading the 970 Evo Plus to an Inland Performance Plus 4.0 (or any 4.0 NVME) may be beneficial depending on how the workload hits the drives. Would also change the Barracuda drive unless it is just unimportant storage due to the durability on those particular drives not being the greatest.

    But depending upon software NVIDIA GPUs and Intel CPUs are better due to architectural differences that cannot be brute forced through.

    Also Kryonaut would be a better choice for aftermarket thermal paste.

    Look into those changes and more importantly the software you are running for the best experience.

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