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  • T_Shaw
    Denver Office Repair Issue

    I have been a customer for over 12+ years. This past week has been interesting and frustrating to boot.

    I brought in my Asus ROG laptop for upgrades, reinstall of Windows 10 and hard drive and ram upgrade on Aug. 30th of this year. Everything went well except one sales member in the “Build Your Own PC” department sold me the wrong parts for my laptop (ram and hard drive, which are pending refund to this day). The person responsible for installing the items in store, Eric, was honest enough to call and install the correct parts I needed for my device, as well as the Windows install.

    I took the laptop home that week and ran everything perfectly as well as a systems info check to check Eric’s work. Everything checked out. As a matter of fact, my laptop seemed new again! I installed all of my needed programs for school and ordered a battery online that the store did not have in stock, with the full intention of bringing my laptop back the following weekend to install the battery.

    This weekend of Saturday the 4th, 2021, I brought my laptop in and spoke with a Quinn Conkley, and was told the laptop would take up to three days to install the battery. I was told by another tech that the install was near complete while I was in the store browsing. I had not received a call by the time I left the store so I decided to follow up, Sunday the 5th.

    Around 1:30pm I called and an Ethan came to the phone and said that he finished the install, but that he ran into another issue. He didn’t tell me exactly what the issue was, which was a concern, and said that it may be the ram or the motherboard. I told him that the ram is new and that they installed it last week. I knew the motherboard was fine because everything was in perfect working order when I brought it in. He stated he would call me back after he tested some things out. I waited until 4:30pm knowing the store would close at 6pm and still heard nothing. I called and got hung up on.

    I decided to come into the store and talk in person. When I arrived I was informed that Ethan left at 5pm and that he wouldn’t be back in for 2 days! The tech brought the laptop up and I asked him to plug it up to see if it was working and he did. The laptop looked as if it would turn on but the screen remained black. He said he apologized and took the laptop back into the room. And again informed me that Ethan would be back in two days.

    Today, Sept. 6th, I went in to speak with the manager of the repair department and we discussed what happened. He said he will get it checked by another tech. After a few hours, he finds me in the store and confirmed that the motherboard was fried! I then stated that I want this resolved in a satisfactory manner because it was working perfectly and now it’s inoperable due to his employee. He takes me to look at a new laptop and states to me he will speak with his general manager to see what they can do.

    30 mins later he states that the manager can take half off of the laptop he showed me because “they don’t know the state of the laptop when I brought it in”. I declined, of course, instead and scheduled to speak with the GM on this matter this coming Wednesday.

    So, now I’m out of a laptop that was working perfectly, except for the battery and feel like I’m getting setup for an upsell for commission. There were a few other issues involved with this store but my more pressing matter is my device which I need for school.

  • Ian

    Hello, looking into this I do see your information was sent to the store yesterday via email and it appears a manager called you. Were they able to work this out with you?

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