Please open a store in Billings, Montana.


Like similar posts, I created an account just to get this started.

I live in Billings MT, and we're in heavy and desperate need for some legitimate community and regional revival, and in general a high-end computer hardware retailer. No joke, all we have is a Best Buy, Office Depot, Two GameStop locations and one small E-Waste recycling shop. Keep in mind, this is all within the span of BASIC computer hardware and other electronic appliances. We really don't have much even when you factor in Walmart. Just today I went around the entire town looking through these locations trying to find a simple Corsair fan kit only to go home empty handed and wasting 1/4 tank of gas doing so. Of course I tried calling some of these locations to see what they had before I made the journey, only to be met with no one answering the phone, and when someone did I was met with general hostility like I was a nuisance and inconvenience on the business instead of a potential customer. A Micro Center store would EASILY put these businesses to shame and utterly crush them. I know that might seem harsh and cold-hearted, but it's the truth; these businesses should go out, the only reason they haven't is because of a lack of REAL competition.

The Billings Metropolitan area had an almost 200,000 estimated residents in 2020. Considering the other locations of Micro Center stores being in areas much smaller than that, with some being around 30,000 estimated residents, I see no reason as to why a store should not being opened in Billings, MT. The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages from a business perspective.

By far the best possible location for a Micro Center store in Billings would be the Shiloh Crossing and Boulevard area. Not only is this the best location for an up-scale business, it's right in the area currently receiving the most economic development. Every time I drive out there something new is being built whether it's a new housing development, suburban neighborhood or a new small business. The area itself is actually the center of an unintentional merger of Billings and Laurel, with the latter having an additional 6,700 estimated residents from the 2019 Census. Opening a high-end tech store out there would be great for the region as a whole and cover a large region of the Rocky Mountains region not covered by the Denver store, on an economic and business scale it would be in a great spot and at the forefront of a fantastic Metropolitan merger.

I love Micro Center, even though I've never been to one because I don't have the time to hop in my car to take a trip down south to Denver, as is the same with literally tens-of-thousands of people here in Billings. Just from seeing pictures and videos online is enough to make me pester this company to open one here. I assure you, the mutual benefit is real from a potential major move like this. I know this also isn't a real formal way to do something like this, but please forward this to high-ups and ensure that they see this. I guarantee a move like this won't be a regret.


  • Ian


    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community! Thank you for providing us a location you think a Micro Center would be great at! I sadly don't have the pay-grade to make the decision of opening up a location but I will send your suggestion over to the proper teams for consideration!

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