How to setup home network ip for 24/7 Live Streaming a pre-recorded content on YouTube

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Hello guys, I have a problem with live streaming 24/7 when it comes to configuring my home network. I wonder if someone can guide me, please? Recently, I tried to stream with my home computer 24/7 on YouTube using OBS software. It failed. The Live Stream got interrupted after a week. I analyzed several of the Log files for OBS and it kept saying either computer hardware failure or network failure.

I began to investigate other options such as Static IP addresses. Because I read online and figured that having a dynamic IP address is one of the problems which could lead to interruptions of the live stream.

Added, I learned that my Optiplex 990 Dell Small form factor was a disrespect to the world of Live Streaming. ( I am a newbie and still learning, so don't laugh :D) but anyways, I am planning on building a hefty pc and I have attached the build here. But my main problem right now is the home network. Because I have about 20 devices in my house which may or may not need access to the internet. But none of them are online at the same time. I know I can rent a VPS and I have already but my goal is to keep a cheap VPS as a backup server. My main streaming should be from a hefty powerful machine at my house.

If anyone could A: help me understand what configuration can I do to my home network to make it ready for 24/7 Live streaming and B: if you would also like to see what PC build I am after for this Live Streaming and want to provide feedback on that, please see the attached file and reply.

Your opinion is always valued and appreciated.

Thank you.

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    Greetings. What is your intended budget for the build?

    Your existing router may be able to set up a static IP, you can check the manual / settings of the router that you have and it should describe how to do this, if available.


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