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Hello guys, I am building a powerful pc that can do 24/7 Live Streaming on YouTube. Here is what I want from this PC:

  • I want to be able to install at least 2 Virtual Machines on it.
  • Each virtual machine will run Open Broadcast Software (OBS Studio) 
  • Each virtual machine will run a live stream of pre-recorded video for years to come non-stop.

The document attached here is the PDF file where I saved the list of the components I chose on MicroCenter's website. So I am trying to go for this build but not sure if it's too much PC power for the multiple virtual machine-based 24/7 live streams I want to do or if it is just the right amount of PC power for my intended purpose.

Can someone please see this build and guide me by providing their feedback on the build I did?

Please see attached file.

Thank you

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  • Ian
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    Greetings. This looks good, the processor you have picked out would be capable of what you are looking to do. You may want to jump up to 32GB of RAM for the virtual machine purposes. It also appears your build is missing Windows if you need that.

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