LED Bulbs. It's about the Lumens not the wattage "equivalency"


I switched over to LED bulbs slowly, but surely over the last 8 years. The first thing that I noticed is that some of the "60 Watt Equivalent" bulbs weren't as bright as my standard incandescent 60 watt bulbs. After some digging I found out that the lumen rating on the "equivalent" bulbs were sometime 15% lower than the standard bulbs. Make sure you buy the proper lumen rating to replace any non-LED bulbs or you may not be happy.

Here is a breakdown of the lumen ratings of standard incandescent bulbs 40 watt to 100 watt so you can compare them to the bulb you may be considering. I know that the WYZE dimmable bulbs are 800 lumens and don't give me any of the "pulsing" that you may get with some lesser expensive bulbs (the color are 1100 lumens so true 75 watt equivalent, I own a bunch of both models and love them):

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