I buy PowerSpec prebuilds... but this is a pretty cool hack I did.


So, I love the PowerSpecs we carry. I own 2 of the G467 (i9, RTX3080) one as my main machine and the other was supposed to be a gift for my son when he graduated... let's just say his grades tanked so he'll get it later.

I did something pretty nifty. I have 3 young children. All of which like to touch the computers, bang on the computers with sippy cups, and just try to create havoc. So, I put my new machine behind my desk. I got sick of reaching under the desk to turn on the computer rather quickly, so I mounted my power switch in the desk using a button we carry and jumper extensions. Surprisingly the kids still haven't seen the button. Here is a link to the jumper extensions and I used a standard button from the arcade section (Schmartboard Inc. 9" Male to Female Jumper Wires with Headers - Micro Center ) Here's a pic:


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