Phanteks Enthoo Pro II build out

edited September 2021 in Help Choosing Parts

Hey there, so I have plans on building out of the Phanteks Enthoo Pro II case. One of the things that is kind of bothering me after getting it is will the Phanteks Revolt X PSU be able to take the loads of newer GPUS if I build a dual system. Ideally, I would like to have a full ATX streaming and video editing at the top and an ITX gaming at the bottom. I want to stream not just from the ITX but also from Xbox as well. I want to have dedicated capture cards for each as well as the ability to later put a camera capture card for when I decide to get a better camera system. I currently have a system that is capable of streaming Xbox with little to no frame drop. However, if I were to stream pc games it wouldn't be able to do it. So I want to build out of the Enthoo and make something that is great at rendering video, streaming, and gaming all in one case.


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