How good is this build?


Hi all,

I have been fiddling with trying to get a new PC built for about 2k. Not too worried if I go a bit overbudget.

I know GPUs are a bit hard to come by right now, but I'd prefer a GTX 3000 series. I'd also like an NVMe M.2 as my boot drive, a 2 TB SSB and 4-6 TB HDD.

Looking to run three montiors and do some gaming/livestreaming. Suggestions for monitors is appreciated but don't need to be added to the build.

My test build is below;

Would I need any extra cases fans, or are those included?

Do not need a Mouse/Keyboard.

Thanks for any help!


  • JS_MC

    Hi @BNovais Nice looking build, but I do see a few things to mention.

    It looks like you've included an internal disc drive. The case you selected does not support disc drives. So you'll either need an enclosure for it, or my recommendation would be to grab an external disc drive if that's a need for you!

    I don't believe that you'll need any additional fans with this case, as it comes with two front fans and you've selected an air cooler for your CPU.

    One other recommendation that I'd make is a larger boot/M.2 drive. You've got quite a bit of storage, which is great. I can't recall if this is backed by empirical data or if this is anecdotal, but I'd recommend having your more frequently used programs on your boot drive. Having a larger boot drive allows for more of that!

    As for monitors, I'd recommend a 27" 1440p. I like a refresh rate greater than 120hz. That's what I use and I readily recommend it!

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have questions!

  • BNovais

    Thank you for your input! I originally had a different case when I was filling out the list, but I believe one of the parts I chose did not work for that case, so I had to choose a different one. With the current parts, I only have 8 options on the site to choose from and didn't realize this one didn't have an optical drive.

    If I decide not to go with an optical disk drive at all, would the only option to install windows be via USB? I see the USB options for windows in the Custom PC Builder but the option I am looking at is "Windows 10 Home 32/64 Bit - USB." I don't see an option to choose either 32 or 64 bit. I would prefer 64 bit. Is there an option to choose when checking out?

    Thank for your the monitor recommendations. I will look into ones with those specs!

  • JS_MC

    You're welcome!

    I'd say that in the current day, an optical drive is rarely if ever needed. If you know you need it, then go ahead and grab it. For Windows installation, I'd recommend either a USB for ease or creating installation media using an ISO file via Microsoft. We usually have the 64bit Windows USBs in store. I wouldn't recommend the 32bit version unless you know you specifically need it.

    It should let you choose the 64bit version in the part picker. Odd that it isn't. I'll look further into that.

    I think the specific brand and panel you choose is kind of a personal preference thing, but I stand behind my recommendation on specs! :)

  • BNovais

    Appreciate all the help!

    You've definitely helped me out and made my decision making process easier!

  • JS_MC

    Awesome! Happy to help!

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