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This is my lazy man build for my new machine where I won't take any drives out of my current (at least initially). This is going to be a big upgrade from me since I am currently running a 4820K processor so I've been playing around with a build that will last me quite a while in the future. Since I haven't put anything together since the days 4820K's were considered acceptable its been a while since I really delved into what's new or best practices.

My main question is this going to be enough default cooling or may I want to add some case fans for more forced air flow for other components and if so what would people recommend (or even recommend a different liquid cooler).

Second I am toying with the idea of going with a 3080TI instead of a 3090 as it is jump from my 1080 Founder (which runs everything I play now acceptably for me FO4, OW, New World, Star Citizen Alpha, and Civ 5). I'm mostly concerned with the not needing to replace the GPU until I want a new CPU upgrade.  I like to replace both at the same time with a new mobo and just swap components.

Thanks all for any input you may have.



  • imo get a 5600x it will change your life, and a cheap good am4 board. that cpu dont run way hot so a half decent air cooler will set you right, unless you overclock then get a big chonky noctua CPU cooler IMO

    5600x beats out my 9900k for gaming and almost everything else

  • Ian

    Greetings. What was your intended budget for this build?

  • magarity
    magarity ✭✭✭✭
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    Do you know you can't just wander in to a store and get a FTW3 3090 or 3080? You have to go hunting and it may take months to find one.

  • RyanWatson
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    I would personally go with the 3080 Ti over the 3090. From what I've seen we typically have those in stock more frequently than we do the 3090s. The big question is what is your ideal budget?

  • Elmar

    My budget is about 3500 however that would be considering swapping in drives I currently have in use - if I feel like blowing a bonus on the build I suppose in the 4300 range so I can keep my current machine as-is. I don't intend to buy until GPU's come down closer to MSRP and I've given myself a window to about mid next year. I just want to be ready to purchase when they do. I'm well aware of the strain placed on GPU availability especially in retail high-end.

    At the price level I'm going to be buying a GPU at my main concern is 'future proofing' replacing the GPU in the future for as long as I can delay. I generally replace the GPU every other generation with something nearish top consumer market tier at the time I'm just not sure if the difference between 3080TI and 3090 would be worth it and I've not used liquid cooling so I have heat concerns not specifically focused on the CPU so I have concerns about overall air circulation for the GPU, NVME, etc.

  • magarity
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    Well I also spent bonus money on a nice system and also wanted it to last a while - on the AMD side of graphics I went with the 6800 XT instead of the 6900 XT because honestly even though it was bonus money and I could have bought either, spending the extra 40ish% more to get something like 15ish% more performance didn't make sense. In all the years I've been getting computers I've never got to the replacement point and said "oh, if only it was an extra 15% faster I could delay buying for another couple years". A really good computer will hold up for practically just as long as an awesome one in my experience. So for nVidia graphics today, I'd say 3080 or maybe 3080Ti would be what to get. Even so the price/performance of the Ti version makes it questionable. I was actually aiming for a 3080 non-Ti when I got lucky on AMD Direct with the 6800 XT. They're reasonably equivalent IMO. By the middle of next year maybe the 4000 nVidia will be out and this answer will change.

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