Need help choosing parts for PC Builder (Cambridge) ($2,500.00 budget)


Heya gang!

I'm fairly new to building a pc and wanted some guidance on putting one together. My budget is $2,500.00. I could use a new monitor, speakers, mouse, keyboard, headset w/mic. My goal is to play all games like MOBAs, MMORPGs, Shooters on high res 140fps with 1440p. 27inch screen? I'm looking for a dream build but I don't have the graphics card to start it off. I'd like an RTX 3080 or something close in power. For the time being I know it's nearly impossible to get ahold of so could someone help me build a rocking PC with an 'ok' graphics card that's sold in store now and then I can update to an RTX 3080 when I get one? compatible.

Please help! I'm assuming I'll need a coolant - lots of air space for the fans to stay cool. Again I'm a novice with this stuff. My goal is to get a build and have the tech team build it in the Cambridge store for pickup.


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    Actually most of the Microcenter stores hold back some graphics cards for customers who want a complete system built by the MC techs. But those never show up on the website. You have to go in person and look in the locked cabinets at the build-your-own section of the store. There's reasonable hope that on a weekday you can actually find a 3080 or 3070 behind the glass. The only way to get it is to have them build the entire system around it.

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