Hi guys new member here, scoping out the community

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I kinda liked talking to people while I camped out for my gorgeous GPU I'm waiting to rebuild on some more parts. I've been watercooling computers for half my life, since I was 15. Anyway I'm kinda nerd, kinda mad max. gunna upload my scrapyard battlerig made of 90% used parts, repaired sound system used, thrift store finds etc :D

PC won't fit anywhere else until I get new desk reee

you guys don't have the EKWB 360mm rad 60mm thick in stock at fairfax :(

will update a new build log in future and hope I make i to a weekly build as well heh

shoot, forgot specs:

that's a z370 mobo lol, 9900k at 5.1 all core, 3090 on air atm, 32gb cheap potenza ram at 3200mhz, 2070s with glass xspc block, 1300 g2 I traded a gt970 for, crappy WD black m.2, second hand waterloop, 011d XL, 13 crap UPHERE fans daisey chained to molex


  • Ian

    Hello and welcome!

  • JS_MC
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    Wow, that's a very impressive build and setup. I'm not usually a fan of your case, but I like the way you've built your rig here.

    For your blue microphone, do you find that it still picks up your voice well? or do you move the boom around when you're using it?

    Also, what speakers are you using here?

    Oh, and welcome to the community! Glad to have ya!

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