im going to attempt to build a gaming pc

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cpu- ryzen 7 2700

gpu- gtx 1660 super

power supply- thermaltake smart rgb 700w

case- musetex atx mid tower case

ssd- 500gb wd blue

motherboard- gigabyte b450

cpu cooler- Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler

are these parts all good and compatible?

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  • Obiwan_Shinobi
    edited September 2021 Answer ✓

    You want the 2700x imo, the 1660 will not support DLSS, I reccomed highly waiting until the 2060's go under reproduction which will support DLSS with it's tensor cores and according to trusted rumors a lot of them will hit production soon. cpu cooler I reccomend a better one like noctua d15 if you wanna overclock or have headroom. other than that it's looking like a great build!

    you could try to get a radeon 6600xt which has it's own super sampling tech because AMD cards are in stock more, but you want the super sampling tech because it allowes your GPU to look 4x better at the cost of a couple ms of input lag being added on top and it's using your RTX tensor cores in the case of nvidia cards to basically in real time upscale your gaming quality. not only that but DLAA is coming out in the future which is using tensor cores for Anti Aliasing and can possibly make old games look better. if those types of features matter to you, I'd recommend an rtx 2000 card or better, and 2060's just so happened to be scheduled for reproduction soon

    edit: prices fluctuate so much. you want the 5600x!

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