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So about 7 months ago I decided I wanted a pc not knowing much about computers I thought it was best to start out with something with enough power to play games and do the basics so I went with the powerspec G164 when I purchased it I added a year of the extended protection under the assumption (and being told by the associate helping me "if something happened" to the computer like it was dropped while moving that I could bring it in and they would repair it or I could trade it in and just pay the difference of whatever I am wanting to trade it for. can anyone tell me if this is correct? If not is there anyway for me to trade in the computer I have and not loose all kinds of money doing so?

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  • Interesting I was told completely different their main selling point on the extended warranty was that if I had any issues with the computer or parts of the computer were not working properly I could bring the computer in and replace the parts or the whole computer

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    There has been an update to this in case anyone does see this post with a similar question. We now do offer trade-in's for video cards (GPUs) previously purchased from Micro Center after an in-store consultation of the card's condition and performance. Full details on this trade-in service for video cards (GPUs) can be found at

    Outside of previously purchased video cards at Micro Center, we do not offer any additional trade-in or buy-back services.

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