Why is my CPU NOT supported?

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ok my cpu is running at 3.5ghz is dual core and has 8gb ram and secure boot is enables and TPM 2.0 is enabled. I have 2000gfb storage. my cpu is a amd athlon 3000g and it says it is compatible when it is fact not

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    Your settings are correct for Windows 11. Your motherboard needs to support Secure Boot, it doesn't need to be enabled. Could you run CPU-Z and check the architecture of the CPU? I'm digging through CPU-Z screenshots online of the Athlon 3000G, and I'm seeing two different versions. A 14nm Zen Raven Ridge version, which Zen isn't supported officially. And a 12nm Zen+ Picasso version which would be supported. Unconfirmed and I'm just parsing through pictures, but it would make sense.

    Apologies, I replied to this and forgot about your original post. You posted a CPU-Z screenshot and confirmed it's Raven Ridge. Looking into this further, there are two boxes. FH is Picasso and the FB box is Raven Ridge. Compatibility it would seem depends on the particular version of the 3000G.

    From ASRock's CPU Support list.


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