Acer Nitro XV240Y PBMIIPRX mounting question

edited September 2021 in Monitors and Displays


I need a new monitor and am considering getting the Acer Nitro XV240Y PBMIIPRX. (link below)

From what I read, it's compatable with the VESA mounting system, however before I make the purchase I do need to ensure that my monitor arm's mounting plate will actually fit. I DO have holes for 100x100mm, however the edge of the plate extends an extra 10mm on each side from the center of the holes. IE: max of 120x120mm for the mounting plate. I'm concerned as this particular monitor model has a recessed mounting area and trying to weigh my options while hoping that the mounting plate will actually fit.

If anybody can give me the measurements of the recessed area for mounting, I would appreciate it.

If you need the specific monitor arm's model, let me know and I can give that as well.


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