how do I find out when the RTX 3090 video card will be in the MC in Tustin?


how do I find out when the RTX 3090 video card will be in the MC in Tustin?


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    Hello! Our stores do not have specific or set GPU shipping days. It's all just dependent on when we receive shipments from our distribution centers or direct from our vendors. That being said, I'm not sure which days are more common for Tustin. Maybe one of our other community members will have an answer for you!

    If not, I'd recommend coming into the store to speak with an sales associate. They'd likely have the most accurate answer for you.

    it should be noted that the store will be following this procedure for new stock of these cards:

  • Thank you Ian for your response. I did talk to the sales representatives at the store and unfortunately they don't know anything either. They can't tell what day of the week the shipment might come, would it be this week on the next, or perhaps next month, nor whether it is going to be in the morning or afternoon. Since my present video card is failing and I need it for work, it seams that I just have to pack my camping gear and move to the parking lot of Microcenter until I get the card. *devastated smile*

    Sorry, Ian, I know that it is not in your power to change this awful situation. Therefore, I am considering my second option, which is to get an Alienware customized desktop with a RTX 3090 in it.

    Thank you again for your time and prompt response.


  • Ian

    You're welcome. I am absolutely hoping stock gets to a point one day where cards are readily available again.

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