Has anyone bought a powerspec g510? having major stuttering (can't solve after weeks)


Hey all I was here previously about my g510 that had massive stuttering and frametime spikes, I'm still dealing with the problem and I've noticed random restarts now too (no bosd, just a random boot off and restart) event viewer shows 41 critical error but it's just a general warning, I also have a lot of other errors and warnings too. I just contacted a local electrician and he told me my house's wiring is at least 80 years old, and my room is connected with the wiring in the kitchen (has fridge, lights, oven etc) just for information, I had 4 other prebuilts from all different prebuilt companies (cyberpower, ABS, HP Omen, and now Microcenter's powerspec) all have the same exact problem in regards to stuttering/frametime spikes, is it too far off to think my house is actually the problem here? I looked online at the reviews for this build and generally everyone is satisfied besides heating, which they just added a 212 onto it and called it a day. But one forum thread mentioned the same GPU (Red devil 6700xt) has issues with frametimes and stutters. I honestly don't know what to believe and I'm lost. I've done about everything software wise all the way down to a clean install of same version, and a clean install of a old version (1903)

here's a list of steps I've tried:

Disabled PBO (prebuilt manufacturers enabled it even though he had stock cooler)

Updated all drivers via AMD Auto detect

Made sure Ryzen Master was running on the default mode

Updated bios

Disabled XMP (and setting different memory times)

Increased DRAM voltage

Disabling Radeon Software Auto OC tuner

Disabled Freesync

Disabled Vsync

Disabled Enhanced Sync

Increased memory clock

Decreased core clock

Cleaning old drivers with the AMD cleanup utility

Disabled PCIE power saving

Disabled 10-bit pixel format

Disabled Microsoft game bar

Disabled discord overlay

Set audio channel to "stereo"

Increased the card's power limit via MSI Afterburner

Updated Ryzen Master

Set refresh rate to 60hz (from 144)

Set games to run at 1080p

Ran memtest86, no errors and 4 passes

Ran crystaldisk, ssd came up as healthy

Reseated GPU

Replaced Red Devil with Zotac 950 (lowest graphical settings, lower resolution and low fps but frametime graph looked and felt overall more smooth)

At this point I'm willing to go back to Microcenter with my SSD loaded with games and have them test it in store, they were going to let me do so when I replaced the first rig but I was really late coming in, any information on this matter would be amazing, thank you.


  • Ian

    Greetings. I am sorry for the delay in response. I do recall your prior thread about this. I really don't know what else we could suggest at this time with all that you've tried outside of testing the PC at another location to see if the issues persist.

  • PaulieWalnutss

    Hey there Ian not a problem at all, Yeah I'm really confused on what could possibly be the problem besides my house's electrical and AMD gpus/drivers itself it's all I have to go on. I'm planning hopefully to box it up and come back to the Saint David's store tomorrow early in the morning so I can test it there and see if it's replicated I'll keep the SSD loaded but bring my W10 usb stick in case it needs to be wiped it's been quite an experience so far lol, if It stutters there I guess it's just AMD and I'll see if they'll let me exchange and get an rtx based rig. I do appreciate your response though will update this thread as soon as I can make it there.

  • PaulieWalnutss

    Sorry for the long hiatus it's been a hassle trying to get everything planned and ready, I went to Microcenter and exchanged this rig for the G707 (3070, 3700x, Asrock X570 Pro4, Neo Forza 2x16gb 2400 to 3200mhz xmp) couldn't find the label on the psu so that sus me right there but I tried to desperately test it there and they were going to do so but I guess their public internet blocks steam or any filtered apps? Anyways you could guess what happened after this we get all the way home, fire it up without even anything except steam and discord and still the same exact problems (stutter, fps drops, gpu usages going on the fritz) at this point I have to believe it is in fact electrical or some kind of EFI/RFI interference. Has anyone ever heard of this before? If you're still around I appreciate you sticking with the post this long, I honestly have never had anything like this happen before ever.

    Also just quick question this one shipped with a ML240L cooler master aio, but it makes weird swishing and revving sounds I'm assuming the quality on this aio is terrible? Or is this normal? thank you.

  • Ian

    Unfortunately I'm not quite sure what else we can recommend if the issues persist between many different systems. You can try different outlets in your house, or perhaps different surge protectors perhaps but it is really seeming like it's some sort of electrical issue.

    Is the noise constant on the AIO? For it to rev up every once in awhile isn't uncommon if temps start to climb.

  • PaulieWalnutss

    Yeah I feel like this is the definitive answer, I wish I was an electrician myself so I could properly test voltages/outlets myself. So my theory of it being electrical isn't outlandish? I'm actually kind of relieved if so, I mean from the get go it didn't make sense why 5 different branded computers all stuttered (same gpu usage drops, frame time spikes, every other piece of hardware looked fine) I've had so many people come by and take a crack at it in steam dms, discord, other forums and nobody can seem to grasp it, so it would definitely make a lot of sense as to why I can't solve it and why nobody can understand what's up.

    And the noise on the AIO is mostly constant, when doing light browser work it does make noise but it's very faint, throwing a game at it makes it rev a bit more, I'm thinking it may be air trapped in the pump or somewhere?

  • Ian

    That would be hard to say from here regarding the AIO, if you catch it you can post a video of it happening here so we can get a better idea, or you can bring it back in and have someone look at it in person to see what may be occurring.

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