8/17 Evga 3080ti died


I did a new $4300 build that has been nothing but a nightmare. It all started with recommendations from an employee that had incorrect parts to having to take it apart and put it on a new mobo to trouble shooting random crashes. Since I did the build I was having issues where my monitors would go black and the fans would all kick up to 100% and I would have to hold the power button down to turn it off because it would just hang like that. I read all over at things that could cause the problems and always had hwinfo/ryzen master/msi afterburner running to make sure voltage and temps were all normal which they would be at the time of the crash and couldn't figure it out. Well tonight while sitting in game chatting to a friend my computer did the freeze/crash and the mobo went dark and only the ram stayed lit up. I couldn't get the computer to boot back up until I decided to pull the gpu out and it booted back up. I tried using my wife's gpu in the computer and it still boots back up but it won't with the 3080ti. I tried registering the card on the gigabyte website but I'm getting a 502 bad gateway and I can't find a number to call for microcenter to ask about what I should do. I have a bunch of questions about what could and did go wrong but my tech friends think it was one of the bad firmware cards that evga had. First question is do I get the card replaced at microcenter or evga? Second question would be is there a way to check to see if it really was the card that was bad and not anything else that could have caused the problem? It's a brand new build and the temps were always around 68-70c for cpu and 61-64c for the gpu. Sorry if a lot of this is kinda running on my brain is going 100mph right now seeing my new card not work.

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    Greetings. Looking up this purchase based on your email registered with Community, it appears this was brought in to the store for further assistance today. Were they able to assist you with a solution?


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