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I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice. It will be for a triple monitor sim racing setup. I would ideally be under $3000 but $3500 is my max.


  • Yingdong

    If you go for performance and price to performance ratio, here are my advices.


    I would suggest to cutdown a bit on mobo and others and upgrade the gpu you choose, $3500 is actually enough to put together a 3080ti build.

    For ram, I would go for the crucial ballistixs instead of lower end g.skill trident z as the ballistixs are much better on overclocking, and ryzen platform tend to perform better the high frequency ram.

    For power supply, go with the new G6 instead of the GT. EVGA GT power supplies are oem by FSP Group, while G6 power supplies are oem by Super Flower.

    For ssd, you deserve better. Please stay away from the qlc 870 qvo. While the samsung 980, the cutdown dramless version, makes sense in a laptop with better thermal control but not in a desktop. Go grab a 980 pro, or 970 evo plus/hynix p31/sn750 or any one of the flagship nvme.


    Well, if you just like the cool rgb and light flashes on your rig and not much want to prioritize the performance, then just ignore me.

  • Framunda
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    Awesome I appreciate the feedback.  I really have no idea about computers so I was just trying to piece something together.  I have no desire for the fancy light shows and all that. I'd rather it perform better then look cool. I'm also unsure of the cooling aspect of it and if the liquid cooling is better or necessary? I'm also looking for the video car to have the freesync option as the monitors have the freesync option, so ibwas looking to go with an amd video card
  • Yingdong
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    If you are willing to build all of it yourself, take a look at this:

    CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x ($270)

    motherboard: Asus ROG Strix b550-f ($180)

    ram: Crucial ballistix 3600mhz cl16 16gb(2x8g) ($70)

    GPU: Evga 3080ti ftw3 ultra ($1420)

    Power supply: 850w evga g6 80+ gold ($135)

    storage: Samsung 980 pro 1tb ($180)

    Crucial MX500 2tb($177)

    cooling: Be quiet! Dark Rock pro 4


    There is no point to get a x570 board as b550 has same or even better vrm while they both support pcie4.0 . As the 5900x is still pricing too high, I would suggest to go with the 5600x and wait for price drop to upgrade, it would not be a huge difference on gaming anyway.

    You will surely find some other place that offer cheaper price for specific parts. But if you want microcenter to do this build for you, tell them just to use the stock cooler come with 5600x. And buy a heavy dual fan air cooler instead(such as Dark rock pro 4, Assasin III, Deepcool Assassin III or ThermalAlright Frost Commander 140). These beast can handle 5900x with no issues.

    For Evga power supply, they have really messy and confusing naming tags. G2, G3, G6 and P2, P6 are decent, they are oem psu by Super Flower and Seasonic which make great psu.

    The 30 series gpu are on shortage, so wait for a while or go with any 3080ti that has a price that you are willing to accept.

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