Micro Center website hangs on Microsoft Edge

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Does anyone else have this issue?

I don't know exactly what causes it. Sometimes it will hang right away, sometimes it takes a little bit. It usually happens when I'm looking at the product images, but I don't know that it's the cause. When it happens, my CPU cooler fan will spin up, so there's some kind of load happening during the hang up.

It doesn't happen in Chrome. It's my understanding that the new Edge browser is based on Chromium, so I'm not really sure why it hangs on Edge but not Chrome.

Edit - I guess I'd better mention:

Ryzen 5900X, Radeon 6800XT, Asus Strix B550E, Samsung 980 PRO, 32GB DDR 3600, Windows 11 Pro. All latest drivers

This problem also existed on my 3900X system, and also on Windows 10. This problem does NOT exist on my Surface tablet. Maybe it's a Ryzen thing? I can't say.


  • Ian

    Greetings, to clarify, this issue occurs with about any page on the Micro Center website at random? Does this occur on the Community site as well?

  • PowerSpec_MichaelB

    This is very odd. Using a Ryzen CPU myself with Edge on Chromium and can't get it to hang. Can you do me a favor and test with Hardware Acceleration disabled? Go to Settings - System - "Use Hardware Acceleration When Available" and turn this off.

    Restart the browser and give that a try. If this fixes the issue, it's actually not your CPU at all as this would force your CPU to handle all of the acceleration efforts. It also means that the issue lies somewhere with the browser and accessing resources on your GPU. The fact that it occurs on both Windows 10 and 11 tells me this is likely not a driver issue, but could very well be something to do with how the board's PCIe slot is switching its lane bandwidth during power saving moments (when pages request hardware acceleration vs when they don't need them). Might be worth forcing a PCIe link speed of Gen 4 x16 and using the Ryzen high performance plan with hardware acceleration enabled afterwards and see if that changes anything.

    Let us know how it goes.

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