Since Newegg is offering Free NEXT DAY Shipping, I wonder if Micro Center plans do step up it's game to offer Free Shipping.

With Fry's gone, I really think those are the only two players left.


  • GoatForHire
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    edited October 2021

    Huh yeah, that's an interesting idea to put out there. However I'm pretty sure NewEgg only offers this service in part of California near their warehouses, it's not nationwide cause they still want normal shipping fees for me!

    Unless Micro Center starts its own fleet of shipping vehicles (or perhaps high range delivery drones) and its store locations infiltrate every state for nationwide. I doubt they are ready for this task, as the last time I got a package from them it came from FedEx who I'm sure is taking a nice cut to ship product.

  • SunnyCA

    Yes I believe it's a California only thing, but I do see little Newegg vans roaming around town. It's pretty amazing, it's one thing to offer free shipping (many businesses do it). it's another thing to offer same day or next delivery. MicroCenter is in California and I think their shipping is behind the times (cost and time). I know that Tustin is being reworked, I just wondered if they were adding shipping to Tustin as its a very small store.

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