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Looking to buy the Ryzen 5 processor and a compatible ASUS motherboard. Looks like the mobo will need a flash update. but unfortunately my older computer is intel based. Will MicroCenter help me update the flash in the store ? If not, I think I might be forced to continue with the Intel platform.


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    Unfortunately there's no way to verify without testing. Looking up the TUF Gaming board though, you can see the CPU was supported since 1401. BIOS was released last December. That's a decent amount of time. As for the release date, there was an OEM release several months before that, so motherboard manufacturers were aware of this new CPU for a while. I would choose a board with flashback to be safe. It's fairly common on MSI boards as well.


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    Greetings @p0n2000,

    We do offer a BIOS flash service in our service departments if this is an issue. Though the latest Ryzen 5 I can think of that would be a problem, would be the Ryzen 5 5600G APU. The BIOS for this would of came out late last year or January this year. There's a pretty good chance you'll get a board that'll POST out of the box.

    Also, depending on the board you choose, a lot of new boards have a flashback type feature. This allows you to flash with no CPU or RAM installed.

    Here's a few ASUS boards that offer this:

    You'll see the BIOS Flashback button on the rear I/O panel. Basically when you download the latest BIOS, there will be a renamer tool in the zip package. Run this, it changes the name of the BIOS to something the board is programming to search for on the flash drive. You insert the flash drive containing the renamed BIOS file into the USB port marked on the rear I/O. Hold the flashback button until a light illuminates and begins to flash. From there, follow the instructions. Generally you're just waiting 2-3 minutes until the light goes solid or out. Then you can build your system and continue on.

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    Thanks. That is the mobo that I am planning to pair with a Ryzen 5 5600G. Can you clarify if the mobo would POST right out of the box with that CPU ?? Because the processor only came out in the beginning of August.

    BTW, thanks for the detailed reply. It confirmed my understanding of what I had been reading. Thanks a bunch.

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