Is this build compatable?

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This is my first PC build so naturally i dont have a clue what im doing, ive done some research and considered my budget of around £800 ($1168.32), id use it for majorily gaming and entertainmemt and some other work with one monitor, but hoping to upgrade to two monitors soon.

Would anyone be able to confirm for me that this would all work together or if i have made any big mistakes?



  • Ian
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    Greetings, those parts would be just fine. You don't have a video card selected so it wouldn't really be able to be used for any sort of gaming. You also don't have Windows picked out if you need that.

  • Yingdong

    It's alright for 1080p low gaming. Just one thing, you'd better go with ballistix ram instead of corsair as integrated graphic vega 8 uses shared memory from ram and high clock ram would greatly benefits its performance. While Ballistix of Micron uses dies that are known to be good for overclocking(the micron e die), lower end ram from Corsair are purely junks with no overclock ability.

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