Lenovo desktop mouse freezes, then computer freezes. Must unplug and replug to start.


This happens often, usually in the middle of very important work. What is the problem and how can I fix it.

Also, when playing amazon music to zoom audiance, music goes in and out. I have amplifying blue tooth speaker near so class on zoom can hear music through Ipad or phone nearby. Again, the music my class is hearing goies in and out, then off. How can this issue be resolved? I need this to work weekly. Lenovo desktop PC is intel Core 17 16th Gen. Reference: 071-PO-11170024.


  • Ian

    Hello, are you receiving any sort of error messages or blue screens when you have the freezing issues?

    For the audio issue, I'm not quite certain on what you are describing. Are you streaming the music through your PC directly to Zoom or are you streaming the music from speakers then into a mic connected to your PC?

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