I'm a photographer, need help bad.

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I appreciate any help here. I'm a pro photographer, but on a budget. My current PC is on last leg and the guy that put together PC's for me has retired.

Photoshop requires a nice processor, at least 16 to 32 gigs of ram. I also know I want an 2 M2 drives, one for OP and other for images I'm currently working on.

I understand that I won't get the best machine with the money I'm trying to spend, but I want to see if any of you can look at this list and see if it's okay to order?

what suggestions do you have for me? I was trying to stay around $1500.. I've been using a PC now that is 7 years old but on it's last leg but still pretty fast.

Below is a huge upgrade from what I have. Not sure the graphics card is great, but photoshop doesn't need anything fancy, just directx12 compatible and at least 4gig of memory.

It's mainly the processor for photoshop. I typically edit just photos and NO video. Thanks for any suggestions, I really really need help, I don't know much about PC's.. I hate Mac's, so no go for me there.

Intel core 17 10700K comet lake 3.8ghz eight core

asus h570 pro tuf gaming intel LGA 1200 (m9therboard)

G.skill Ripjaws V64 gb 2 x 32 ddr4

EVGA 850bq 650 watt 80 plus bronze atx

samsung 980 pro ssd 1tb M.2 (operating system)

inland platinum 1tb m.2 2280 3d Nand. ( for current photo storage for editing in photoshop)

coolor master mL280

windows 10 pro 64bit

crosair ll120 rgb hydraulic bearing 120mm case fan .


  • Ian

    That part build looks fine for what you're looking to do, however, according to Adobe they require a video card with at least 2 GB of VRAM and recommend one with at least 4GB for the newest versions of Photoshop, your build list doesn't have one picked out, so you would want to look into adding that.



  • magarity
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    My observation is that you've picked out a quite expensive full size motherboard; Consider browsing the mATX sized ones. Unless you absolutely need the extra slots provided by the full size that will save you some $$.

    The 5800X is also a pricey step up from the 5600X which may be a better price for performance for you. I process raw images on my 5600X and it is really fast. You may not know that the 5000 series all auto overclock by themselves for pretty good performance boosts and the 5600X does this very well.

    Microcenter carries the ASUS TUF 1650 Super with 4GB of GDDR6 for $259 which is probably your best bet in that category.

  • DarthBaggins

    Photoshop leans more towards favoring Intel based platforms, which has been seen through many benchmarks thanks to Puget Systems. if you are going with a K sku'd Intel processor, I would recommend looking in the Z590 (for the 10th/11th gen CPU's), and look at WD's NVMe drives as they seem to go head to head with Samsung and definitely competitive in the pricing arena. The GTX 1650 is a good card for workflow and there is a reason OEM's use them in workstation builds. The new NVENC encoder puts in some real work, I'm still running off of a GTX1080Ti in my aging rig, but in the end it has been the best investment I ever made in a GPU that I needed for work and play.

    I deal with Adobe suite daily, mainly hop between Illustrator and LR most days depending on the workflow and what the client needs done.

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