PowerSpec B747 (Read to save time if you Purchase or are considering doing so)


So I purchased this PC and I am quite happy with the price/performance of this computer. Two days later and 2 trips back to Microcenter and I am still working to set this computer up to replace my old HP whose boot disk crashed. No complaints, I purchased it from Microcenter too and it lasted a good amount of time. I didn't need the special graphics hardware, thus the B instead of the G. It does, however, have a 1TB RAM disk and no other hard drives. Since this is my first PowerSpec I ran into several things that I will share with anyone who has an interest.

1) There are no user manuals available. The Help center will send you to the PowerSpec website. There are no manuals there. Use YouTube and/or Google and good luck.

2) First problem I encountered was attaching one of my monitors to the PC. My monitors have two available connections: one DVI and the other older analog plug. This PC doesn't have either of these connections. To the store to purchase an interface from DVI to HDMI. You may find a cable or an interface device ($18 from the office store nearby).

3) Basic setup was pretty easy. Updates are fast. I finally broke down and purchased Office 365 after all these years. Again, very fast to set up.

4) First major issue I ran into was in setting up GMail and Yahoo mail. The mail app threw an error and continued to do so refusing to add the mail. Note this occurred after downloading and installing all Windows updates. After going through several suggested fixes I found one that worked. You must go to the Microsoft Store, find the Mail and Calendar app and choose upgrade (no cost). Bingo, it worked.

5) I have several licensed software programs that need to be loaded from CD-ROM. There isn't one. No, there is not and I suppose this is the new trend as my car didn't have one either. The car, not a problem, but the PC I think should still have one for software. I purchased an ASUS CD drive that plugs into the USB for about $25.

6) Next, I needed to install the 2TB SATA drive from the HP that has all my backups on it. The gentleman from Microcenter told me the PC does not come with a SATA data cable and sold me one with the CD drive. That was nice, I didn't think about pulling one from the old computer. No issue. Now I go to install the hard drive (not my first by a long shot). There is no SATA power cable. No there is not. The guy at Microcenter couldn't believe it either. The only cables coming from the power supply is PCI Express cables for graphic controller which I do not have on this PC. Come to find out there is a PCI Express to SATA cable but Microcenter doesn't have it in stock. I ordered on from Amazon. Meanwhile, I am anxious to get the backup data transferred to the B747 before something else happens. So they sell me an HDD standalone/USB for the drive (<$25). Okay, it works albeit slowly. I will plan to put the disk inside the cabinet once the cable arrives from Amazon. One more note on this. There is no housing for the disk inside the cabinet. I suppose you can buy one somewhere. I plan to rig it with double-stick tape.

Okay, so you can understand why I'm still working on this project. I still like this computer, it's very fast and quiet. It would have been a much better experience, however, had I known all of this beforehand - thus why I am posting. One other small thing, kind of funny. The PC comes with a nice plug in WIFI antenna made by ASUS. I must have fumbled with that thing for 30 minutes trying to figure out how to put the two pieces together. Google it and there is a picture of what it should look like. :-)

Be happy!


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