What Are Intel Evo Laptops?

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Are you in the market for a new laptop? Tired of using your old computer and want something that truly feels next-gen? Well, then you may want to check out the brand new Intel Evo laptops. Evo laptops are designed to be the next generation of Window’s PCs, offering a stylish, sleek, and responsive upgrade to any laptop.

What Makes a laptop an Evo laptop?

Evo is the title given to any laptop that fits Intel’s new standard for chips, graphics, screens, connectivity, and more. Evo devices are designed to offer a smoother, more consistent user experience and prioritize usability over raw computing power.

Intel Evo laptops also have higher minimum specs than other laptops on the market, ensuring that all laptops of the official Evo brand are the pinnacle of quality. To be specific, Evo laptops carry 11th Generation Tiger Lake Core i5 and Core i7 processors, which offer up to twice the clock speed of previous-generation chips. Evo laptops also require a base level of 8GB of RAM, but often go well beyond. And, by forgoing dedicated graphics, they create a system that is stressed less and lasts far longer without needing a charge.

What are the benefits of an Evo laptop?

Improved Battery Life

There are many quality of life upgrades made to the Intel Evo laptops that help to improve the portability aspect of your computer. One of the biggest benefits has got to be its improved battery life. Evo laptops should last 9 hours on a single charge, allowing you to use it for an entire day without having to hunt for a power outlet. This improvement is huge, as there’s certainly nothing worse than losing all of your work due to a dead battery. This battery life is roughly 20% higher than prior models, which is a massive leap for laptop batteries.

Faster Charging Speeds

Furthermore, Evo laptops recharge faster than ever as well. A mere 30 minutes of charging is enough to recharge your system for an additional four hours of usage. This means that you should be able to fully recharge one of these bad boys after just over one hour of charging.

Instant Wake

Another cool upgrade featured with the Evo laptop is its new instant wake feature. Per usual, closing the Evo laptop will trigger the system to sleep, but now awakening your laptop from sleep is faster than ever, with the laptop’s instant wake mode. Instant wake allows the laptop to return to its normal state in less than one second.

Small Form Factor

Another great feature of the Evo laptops are their small form factors. The systems are less than 15mm thick, which is absolutely tiny, and great for fitting into small bags and luggage. If you’re somebody who happens to travel a lot for work, this small form factor makes Evo laptops a must-have. You’ll save more space in luggage, all while still having a reliable and powerful PC on the go.

Stronger Focus on Usability

Instead of focusing on performance and raw power, Intel Evo laptops prioritize usability and practicality. These systems are geared more towards users who tend to use computers on-the-go and for longer stretches of time for work for both personal and work-related computing needs.


Main Uses for an Intel Evo laptop


Because of the improved charging speeds and battery life, the Intel Evo laptop is perfect for getting work done. In fact, it’s easy to argue that the Evo laptops were made to make remote working easier: by prioritizing usability over raw power, Intel has managed to make perhaps the best laptop for remote work. And with enough processing power and memory, these systems are perfectly capable of running more demanding programs ranging from video editing software to 3D modeling.

Recreational Activities

Because of the crisp image of Intel Evo laptops, these systems are perfect for light gaming, watching movies, and surfing the web on-the-go. While they don’t feature the latest and greatest graphics cards, the Evo series should still provide an adequate gaming experience for many titles. And if you’re not a gamer, the Evo series is more than capable of handling any recreational web browsing, streaming, video chatting, or anything else you can throw at it!

Why You Should Get an Intel Evo laptop

You’re in Need of a New PC

Let’s face it: if you're still using an old laptop from over ten years ago, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Now is better time than ever to upgrade to a new system, and an Intel Evo laptop is a more than worthy upgrade.

Usable for Longer Stretches of Time

If you’re somebody who needs to use a laptop for longer stretches of time without charging, then upgrading to an Intel Evo laptop is a no-brainer. This laptop has excellent battery speeds, and an even more impressive charging speed. There’s nothing worse than having your system dying on you while in the middle of getting some important work done, so having a reliable battery is crucial.

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Intel Evo laptops offer a lot of great improvements over prior models and might be the perfect fit if you happen to be in the market for a new laptop. If you’re interested in purchasing yourself a new Evo laptop, then check out Micro Center’s models currently on sale -- we know you’ll find a laptop perfect for all of your computing needs.

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