Does this look like a good first PC for a 14 year old?


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  • JS_MC
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    You have all of the parts right!

    You'll need just one more. An operating system, such as Windows!

    Otherwise, I'd say this is a great selection of parts. One recommendation I would make with this would be a bit of a downgrade. I'd suggest 16GB of RAM instead of 32GB.

    The 32GB capacity will be a bit overkill here. This could save you a bit on cost.

    I also noticed that you had selected the wraith cooler for your CPU cooling. This comes with the 5600X, so you won't need to purchase this separately! If you already knew this, 👍 cool. Just wanted to clarify it for you :)

    The M.2, Optical drive, and Video Capture cards are not needed unless you decide that you need them!

    In most cases, I would recommend an M.2 over an SSD, but SSDs can be cheaper in some cases. The reason I tend to recommend the M.2 over the SSD is speed. M.2s drives are typically a bit faster and they don't require additional wires as they mount directly into m.2 slots on your motherboard.

    Hope this helps!

  • JS_MC
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    You're welcome!

    The GPU you've selected is a great entry-level option. If you're looking to upgrade your build, then the GPU is where I would spend money. It give the biggest money to frame increase in this scenario. :)


  • magarity
    magarity ✭✭✭✭
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    Eh, does your teen have good grades and no problem self starting? Then ok, otherwise if like my teens, then don't get anything that can help distract.

  • Ganon8472

    Thank you so very much for your insight! The information is most helpful! I was a bit worried that the GPU I selected, mainly due t o price, would be too slow to be good for gaming. If I save some money on the RAM and the extra cooling, maybe I can upgrade the GPU>>>

    Thanks again!!

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