How do I move to 64 bit OS On Windows 10


I am working in audio production, and have been using my MAC for several years so my PC is kind of outdated, but my MAC died, and can't really afford to get another one. A lot of the new software I am trying to use is 64 bit. I used to be fluent in pc building but over the years I have not kept up with it. My system is 32 bit OS x64 based processor. Does that mean it will run 64 bit OS? Or do I have to get a new CPU and new motherboard Attached is a screenshot of the system information.


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    An i5 3570K is a 64 bit CPU and would be happiest with a 64 bit version of Windows. Notice in the screen shot there is 8GB of memory available but only a little under 4GB usable? This is because the 32 bit Windows has a max of 4GB it can use. Someone did you a misservice installing the 32 bit version in the first place when the computer has 8GB. Fortunately, yes, you just need to buy the 64 bit version and install it.
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