Location in Las Vegas?


We could really use a MicroCenter in Las Vegas! Especially with Fry's going belly up (not that they have been competitive for years now) there is a real vacuum in the valley. Indeed, it's rather surprising to me there is a dearth of options for local computer parts; in the 90's Vegas used to be full of mom/pop computer stores that would go down to LA and get parts off the docks and bring them back to town. Vegas now has four times the population vs. back then, and more and more high tech companies moving into the valley every year it kind of boggles my mind there isn't someone like Microcenter in town. I know that Fry's used to make a ton supporting all the various conventions that come to town - heck I was involved in several conventions over the years and had to run out for stuff that was missing/broken to get booths set up or keep them running. Amazon next day delivery just isn't good enough for that kind of need!

Just an idea of some of the tech that's in Vegas beyond the conventions:


At least as of 2018 it was the largest in the world: https://www.datacenters.com/news/and-the-title-of-the-largest-data-center-in-the-world-and-largest-data-center-in

At 3.5 million square feet it may still be right up there if not still the biggest. And there are many more. It's kind of nuts how many data centers are in Las Vegas when you consider how hot it gets in the summer; but geography and isolation from natural disasters outweighs that, apparently.

Indeed, Vegas has always been relatively tech heavy - Westwood game studio was in Vegas for years before being consumed by EA. QVS's western distribution is also in Vegas; I was pleased to see Microcenter selling their cables as I've had excellent luck with them since I first discovered in the 90's that they were literally in my backyard.

I think it's a market that could be well served by a Microcenter! I'd try to stick near the strip/convention center area because as I mentioned earlier I think having resources near the convention center could be a significant source of sales independent of the local population. Heck, the old Fry's building might even be a good deal if it isn't tied up in their bankruptcy forever :p


  • JS_MC

    Thanks for the recommendation! Very detailed. I'm impressed!

    I'd be happy to share this with our team in our corporate office. I've heard that we're looking to expand, so I'm sure this info is helpful to them!

  • PLEASE COME TO VEGAS YOU GUYS WILL MAKE A KILLING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I talked to the Micro Center in Texas and suggested there location Fry's was on the 215 South end of town and for sure you'd guys destroy Best Buy as well

  • Ian

    Hello, thanks for sharing your support. Perhaps one day it can happen!

  • XFactorXXL

    I am a bit late to this post, but I also agree with the above posters.

    Some more food for thought, it appears the Frys building (and literally hundreds of new warehouse buildings being built) is still here and may even be for sale now. Over the last couple years population has been exploding as well as more and more companies and people have been relocating here just like TX and FL. There are a lot of HUGE things happening and still no real computer/electronic competition, Best Buy can pretty much mop up. But MicroCenter would blow any competition here out of the water.

    On top of Vegas itself, but you also have multiple Airforce and other military and government installations like Nellis and Creech (where I am currently a server admin) and we all wish MC was here!

  • Ian
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    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community! Thank you for providing us a location you think a Micro Center would be great at! I sadly don't have the pay-grade to make the decision of opening up a location but I will send your suggestion over to the proper teams for consideration! 

  • stoopid
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    I moved to Las Vegas from Upstate NY almost 4 years ago. I would do an annual trip to either the Boston or more recently opened Yonkers store for upgrades, etc. My last couple custom builds was all components purchased at either of the Microcenters.

    When I arrived and settled, Frye's was one of my first retail stops. This was early into their decline, but even then they had almost no stock of anything useful. I ended up having to go to Best Buy just to get a router.

    Now with Frye's gone, there's a handful of very small shops that sell parts but overall the computer and networking component scene here is BLEAK. I can't believe MC hasn't already setup shop here. It goes without saying it would be a high grossing store for the chain, and heck maybe some old timers like me would consider retail management if such opportunities were to become available.


  • gqrbqge
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    I would love to see Microcenter expand to 1 store per state!

  • cogspace

    +1 for Micro Center in Vegas! I bet you guys would do huge business here.

  • Ian
  • zenifi

    Just nudging this post. I created an actual Fourm account for once. I've been persistent in tweeting about Vegas. Still no movement.... any actual updates from the team? Any reasons we can do to convince any powers that be to bring Microcenter here? Do I need to speak with members of Congress or something to change a zone ruling or whatever other random buracracy there is that is preventing Microcenter from opening a Vegas establishment? I will literally push paper. Everyone hates that. Let me know what the Vegas community can do to help?

    Note: Expect physical mail at the Headquarters address. Gonna do snail mail to see if I can annoy a physical human into discussing more with the retail establishment teams.

    Kind Regards,

    Zen (Niko)

  • BrianC

    I am a few years late to this community post but I have to strongly agree with everyone in saying opening up a location in Vegas would be beneficially worthwhile. Ever since Fry's Electronics closed down years ago the only places to buy electronic (PC) parts would either be Best Buy or smaller based stores. If you were to set up a store here in Vegas you would destroy Best Buy.

    Even when Fry's Electronics was still open in Vegas their stock was atrocious. I would either have to look elsewhere like Best Buy or try online.

    If MC opens in Vegas, I highly foresee a long line on grand opening day!

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