Powerspec G901 EVGA 3080 Fans full throttle at all times


I have had a G901 for a little over a month now. A couple weeks ago, the graphics card fans started running full BLAST when the computer wakes up or powers on and never throttle down. Restarting or power cycling the fans do not help. I have tried updating the drivers, downgrading the drivers, and flashing the BIOS via Precisions X1.

At computer startup, Precision X1 shows fan 2 at 0%, yet spinning at 3000 RPM. Fan3 reports at 100%/3000 RPM while fan 1 is usually off. When this first started, I could fire up a game, and after 30 seconds to a minute at the main menu, the fans would reset and start throttling normally. I could then get through the rest of the telework day with the fans behaving like they did when the machine was fresh out of the box. This temporary fix is no longer working, The fans rev back up soon after exiting the game.

I’ve contacted EVGA, and they suggest a RMA. I cannot be down a machine for the 1-2 weeks a RMA would take. For a cross-ship RMA, though, they need an invoice. All I have is the Microcenter receipt that lists the assembled machine. I tried emailing MicroCenter, and was told to run my machine in safe mode. Calling, results in hours on hold. I cannot get in touch with a human to see if I can get MC to swap the card, or give an invoice EVGA will accept.

On the off chance that this sounds familiar to someone, has anyone experienced similar behavior with their graphics card?


  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    Greetings @MentalSchism

    Please provide us with the build number on your PowerSpec. This is located on the serial number label, on the top rear of the Chassis.

  • Seems pretty simplistic, but hope this is what you are looking for:

    Model: G901

    Build: 1

  • PowerSpec_MikeW
    PowerSpec_MikeW PowerSpec Engineer
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    You're not seeing any available firmware updates in the Precision X1 software? I recall EVGA pushing out Quiet Fan VBIOS updates for these cards a while ago.

  • There was a firmware update, but it did not resolve the issue. Fans still go full bore.

  • PowerSpec_MichaelB

    Are you seeing any odd temperatures in Precision X? Seems weird to me that an auto fan curve would push to 100%, even when throttling, as they'd typically clock the card down to try to alleviate the higher thermals.

    I would start with ensuring the clock speed looks normal under load and that temperatures are not exceeding 80C (typical boost throttle temp). If neither of those things are present, we'd likely be dealing with a faulty sensor of some kind.

    As for RMA'ing through EVGA and waiting 1-2 weeks, I would recommend bringing the system back to your local Micro Center as we offer a 48 hour repair guarantee. Even if we don't have that exact card on-hand, our team will try to find something comparable or better to get it repaired within that timeframe.

  • The highest temp under load I have seen is 83C. Right now, I have nothing bu the web browser open and Precision X1. The temp is reported as 27C. The fans are on auto:

    Fan 1: 1136 RPM, 37% - only fan that seems potentially reasonable.

    Fan2: 3364 RPM, 37% - this one seems to be misreporting the power. It often reports 0% with the same RPM

    Fan3: 3005 RPM, 100% - full power, but not under any load

    Changing to manual, Fan2 runs above 3000 RPM regardless of percentage. Fan3 can be throttled manually, but as soon as I flip back to auto, it goes back to 100%.

    EVGA did ultimately accept the prebuilt machine receipt and will do a cross ship. If, for some reason, the new card does not resolve the issue. I'll pack the machine up and drive it to Microcenter. This was our first PC upgrade in some time. Playing a bit of catch-up on what is normal with this hardware.

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