Computer case size conundrum


Hi everyone, I have a computer build I'm working on but I have hit a bit of a solid brick wall. I'm looking for a case with adequate space for the radiators I need, but isn't a hundred pound monstrosity (my back isn't as strong as it used to be.) So I have found myself here once again, either asking what the minimum acceptable radiator space would be for a 3950x+3080ti, and some cases that are below fifty pounds stripped that will be able to accommodate without some eccentric bends (i tried to push my luck with an define s a few years ago and the bend I had to make was a bit beyond my capability. for completeness sake, outside of the ram kit I have, I'm not morally attached to any other pieces I have lying in my current computer. Also, what motherboards are considered acceptable, I was under desperation last time I built so i paid no attention to what was going on in the x570 space.


  • magarity
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    The Corsair 5000 is looking good as cases go; I'm thinking to upgrade to one. It can take a pair of 360 radiators with one in top then a choice of side or front for the other.

  • Water623

    I'm starting to get the idea I'll have to go with a 30 lb case which I think is just barely acceptable since I dont think there are a lot of better options. Also is there a meaningful way I can reuse the 3070 I have on hand or should I just work on finding it a new home? Since I was under the pressure of no pc at all at the time it was a panic grab and id hate to have that kind of dead investment.

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    Greetings @Water623,

    For the radiators, specify what you need exactly. AIO or custom loop? I'm assuming a 360MM radiator? You doing two loops, or using an AIO and a GPU with an AIO? If you're just going with a 360MM radiator, throw in a Lian Li LanCOol II Mesh. You can fit a 360 in the front, and a 240 in the top. I believe for the chassis itself, it's 20lb or so.

    As for motherboards. Depends entirely on what you're going for and what you're planning to do. If it's a custom loop, I assume overclocking. Any idea what CPU you're looking at?

  • Water623

    As I said I am using a 3950x for the cpu, im gonna do a custom loop because i need to blow off some steam. I'm just not sure how much space would maintain temperature. I dont want to spend time and effort sorting radiators and doing it twice.

    As for motherboards, I am not really doing insane overclocking just trying to give the automatic stuff a little bit more room to stretch its legs. And the process of building it and finally getting the whole loop together is enough to clear my nerves.

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