Is Micro Center able to diagnose a 3970x Threadripper CPU / sTRX4 motherboard? My PC stopped booting

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I asked a couple of local private repair shops and they told me they don't have the capability to test my CPU. I even went to a shop that said they COULD diagnose my pc, but honestly was not helpful at all and only gave me very general information as they did not have a STRX4 board to test my CPU.

I wanted to make sure Micro Center is able to diagnose what's wrong with my PC.

I did an RMA on my motherboard (ROG STRIX sTRX4 Gaming XE) and Asus told me it was confirmed defective. I got a replacement board as it was deemed not fixable, but basically I get the same error code with the new board - (a memory error code). The only thing I can think of, is that my CPU is defective somehow after only having it for 1 year. Asus told me if my memory (which i've tested) is fine, it is most likely the CPU.

I've been able to test every other component except the CPU. But I need to make sure its the part that is defective, before I try to do a RMA with AMD.


  • Ian

    Greetings. I am sorry for the delay as it appears this post has went overlooked. Yes, we do offer diagnostics in-store at any Micro Center store. This service would be $39.99. No appointment needed.

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