WD Readyview App Crashing Constantly


Has anyone found a solution to the Android WD Readyview app crashing every time you attempt to use the zoom function? This is happening on multiple devices so not limited to the device. I have just recently wiped all data from the app and reinstalled it to fix another issue, so that has been done with no improvement. The firmware for the cameras and NVR are all appearing up to date. Not sure what else to do since I submitted a WD Readyview support ticket and escalated it and posting here was their only solution. I do not see a category for this, so I'm posting in General Discussion. Thanks in advance.



  • TSKevinG

    Good afternoon @TomKo

    I do apologize you are having issues with the application. For the device you are using this on are all of them using the newest version of android on them? If the issue is with the application specifically we will be limited on this. you may want to speak with the publisher of the app which there is an email of android.support@wdc.com on the google store page to speak with them.

  • TomKo

    Hi TSKevinG,

    Thanks for the response. Frankly, I only posted here because the WD support on the WD website told me to (after escalating it). I thought it was odd to post something that appears to be an app issue to forums but it was worth a try. My phone just updated last night to Android 11 (not sure what the actual update itself was but that is the version on the About menu item). I just tested it again and the same result, unfortunately. The other phone is newer than mine but I have not had a chance to check the version and both tablets are older, so are likely maybe Android 8 or so. Oddly, these devices all have basically the same issues. Anything else to try would be appreciated but I'll try to use that email address as soon as I have some time.

    Thanks again.

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