Microphones not working on new PowerSpec PC (driver issue?)


Hey All - I just got a PowerSpec G229 at Microcenter a couple weeks ago. It seems great except that microphones are not working most of the time. The issue is very random/inconsistent, aside from it happening regardless of which microphone I connect. On rare occasion it will work fine. Many times if I test the microphone you can see the little equalizer-type bars going up & down, but if you actually try to record anything the resulting video will have no audio. Sometimes, I can successfully record something with the Voice Recorder app but not Geforce Experience; other times I can't record at all. The listing for the microphone in Device Manager usually will have the yellow triangle icon indicating there's a problem; sometimes not. I've tried uninstalling & re-installing the drivers from Windows and I've tried downloading & installing the realtek audio drivers manually. I saw somewhere someone said the realtek and nvidia drivers can mess w/ each other and that the nvidia ones aren't necessary, but when I disabled them I didn't have any audio at all.

Just wondering if anyone has ideas here before I take the PC in to have them look at it & possibly exchange. Thanks for any info!



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