Chat Support and Calling into the stores about RTX Graphic cards


Yesterday morning, there was a 3070TI RTX was in stock. I couldn't chat with anyone to see if i can buy one and then come up Saturday to pick it up. I live in Cocoa, Beach, and the Atlanta store is 7.5 hrs away.

But i could not get a hold of anyone and could not find the stores number to find out, so then i came back a few hours later and it was out of stock.

What is going on with MicroCenter, your support used to be so amazing and that is why i would drive 3 hrs to your Cleveland store, and when we drove to Florida went out of the way to go to the GA store. We stopped buying our computer equipment from BestBuy and other local stores to support MicroCenter cause we loved the support.

I am thinking this might be an end of our relationship.


  • Ian


    Our current video card process details and frequently asked questions can be found right here on Community as new cards are raffled off at the stores when shipped in. Details may be found at regarding store times and procedures for each Micro Center store.

    As this process is handled directly at the store, our chat and text teams wouldn't be able to get you entered into that unfortunately.

    If cards are available after the raffle time, they may be purchased directly at the store locations, but they are unavailable to be reserved ahead of time. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • magarity
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    Did you just recently start trying to get a graphics card? The entire global market is severe like never before. It took me 8 months to get a decent card. MicroCenter is handling it as well or better as any retailer.

  • SShronce

    No.. i have been looking.

    The other day they had them, so i wanted to buy it since i live 8 hrs away and have a microcenter card, i figured i could call the store and see. But i cant even find the store number anymore. They used to have them on the website but they took them off.

    WTH - a virtual line... so how am i supposed to know when the store receives shipments of video cards, go there everyday. Yes, just let me move to GA and go visit the store daily. Its not like i can drive up every Sat to see if you have any in.

    If you have them LISTED on the website, i should be able to talk to someone to see if you can hold it for me for 2 days so i can drive it. I will even give you my microcenter card number to hold it. I know crazy right, a customer that uses your store for most of their computer needs. I have bought what, 2 laptop, a number of accessories, and built 3 computers. Its not like i just shop at the Cleveland store, i have been also to the Columbus and GA stores.

    I know its a novel idea, but helping your loyal customers get something that need might be a good idea instead of virtual line. IF they got a video card in the last year, then dont let them get another one. Its not like i bought 20 cards in the past 3 years, i havent even bought one. I should have gotten it when when they first came out, you had a ton, but i passed cause i didnt need it.

  • magarity
    magarity ✭✭✭✭
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    Yeah I get that its frustrating, I never managed to get through the daily lottery either and I'm only 15 min away from one.

    Unfortunately the scalpers have really wrecked it for the rest of us.
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