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Repair Toshiba running Windows 7

I'm unable to boot up my Toshiba laptop.  It's an old clunker and really just needs to be replaced, and so I'm currently shopping for a new laptop.  Meanwhile, I need all my documents and spreadsheets removed from the Toshiba and the drive to be wiped.  Is that something that Micro Center can do?  How much would that cost?  I need this work scheduled as soon as possible.  Please let me know my next steps.   Also, if I purchase my new laptop through Micro Center, will someone come out to my house to set it up for me?  What would that cost?
Thanks.  Elizabeth Drolet

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  • Thank you, Tony!  This is very reassuring.  If I mail order a computer through Micro Center, how would I go about the logistics of having my documents transferred to the new computer from my old one, the Toshiba?  Right now, my Toshiba is running Windows 7.  I'm thinking about purchasing an HP Elite Book.  If you transfer my documents and files from the Toshiba to the HP Elite Book, which is presumably running Windows 10, would I be able to open up my documents? 
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    The easiest way would be to get an external drive and manually transfer your information over to it, then plug the drive into the new system and drag and drop the information over. 

    You could also use the backup feature in Control Panel to do it automatically, the end result is the same either way. Transfer information to an external drive > transfer to the new system. 

    There are also special data transfer cables and data transfer software you can use with computers to move your information over directly, however I don't believe we sell any of those. 
  • Thank Tony,  As my original email states, my Toshiba laptop (Satellite L6550; Model #PSK2LU) won't boot up.  I've tried all the usual things like power cycling, etc, but it still won't boot up.  I would like to bring it to Micro-Center to have have my documents and files transferred directly to a new computer that I would purchase through Micro-Center, and then have the old Toshiba wiped and recycled.  How do I go about scheduling this work?  Should I order the computer on line, have it come to my house, and bring it to the nearest Micro-Center so that the transfer can be done?
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