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CPU clock speed

I bought a Ryzen 9 3900x that is supposed to have a clock speed of 3.8 MHz ,but when I check the clock speed I am getting close to 4.5 MHz. I was wondering if this has something to do with the RAM I purchased and if it should be something I am worried about. The system seems stable over the last couple of days. I have not had any crashes and the the CPU does not get too hot from what I have noticed.

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  • TSMikeWTSMikeW admin
    No, this is normal. 3.8Ghz is the operating frequency. It has a turbo speed up to 4.6Ghz. Generally it won't get to 4.6 at all or for long, and only on one core complex. It overclocks itself on demand. I'm not sure what you're monitoring clock frequency with, but if you're not using it, install Ryzen Master. It breaks it down by the core complexes and will make it a little easier to see what's going on with your processor.
  • DonniLiemDonniLiem
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    Hi...i have experience with Intel. As per my reading the i3-3220, despite having a faster clock speed of 3.3GHz , only has 2 Physical Cores , only has a ~0.5MB L2 Cache and 3MB L3 Cache, and a low TDP of 55W. On the other hand, the i5-2310, despite having the only 2.9GHz base clock speed, can boost up to 3.2GHz, has 4 Physical Cores, with ~1MB L2 Cache and 6MB L3 Cache, and has a higher TDP of 95W.

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